Dear Whitehouse Families, 


    My name is Mrs. Martinez and I teach Gifted & Talented, Enrichment, and Honors Math at Whitehouse School.  We will be working on fun and challenging projects throughout the year that incorporate creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving skills.  Students will be encouraged to tackle challenges with grit and perseverance, as well as a growth mindset. Check out this video to get a glimpse of how students will be encouraged to think outside of the box in my class!  


    I would like to tell you a little about myself.  I graduated from Rutgers University with a Master's degree in Elementary Education.  I also have a certification in supervision and administration.  I have been an educator for twenty one years, and have taught second, third, and fourth grade, as well as eight years of gifted education.  I enjoy living in beautiful Hunterdon County with my husband and our two daughters, Gia and Giuliana.  Here are some fun facts about me:


    Birthday: September 22

    Likes: Dark chocolate, scary movies, lounging by my pool

    Dislikes: Snakes, bugs, heights

    Favorite Season: Fall and summer

    Favorite Color: All of them!

    Hobby: Cooking and binge-watching different shows

    Favorite Food: Mediterranean and Thai

    Favorite Drink: Coffee and water

    Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-fil-A

    Favorite Store: Express and Abercrombie


    I can't wait to meet all of you and get to know all about your favorites! 



    Mrs. Martinez 


    Welcome to Whitehouse School Extensions!

    As a district, we believe that many of our students possess special gifts and talents.  At Whitehouse School we offer different tiers of enrichment based on varying needs, abilities, and interests of students.

    Schoolwide Enrichment

    All Whitehouse School students can participate in Schoolwide Enrichment projects such as Sunshine Math, Science Fair, Maker Space Day and Individual Learning Projects.  These are voluntary offerings that students can take part in to give them exposure to challenging and fun opportunities beyond the classroom environment.

    Sunshine Math

    Sunshine Math is a fun and developmentally appropriate program that challenges kids to "think outside of the box" when solving math problems.  This is a ten-week challenge that is completed at home.  All participants receive a certificate for taking on the 10-week math challenge!

    Science Fair

    Our annual Science Fair takes place during the winter months. Students are invited to share an experiment, an invention, or a research project. Our theme this year is "Going Green" and students are encouraged to choose a science or engineering project that focuses on our district Green Initiatives.  It is a wonderful opportunity for budding scientists to shine!

    Maker Space

    The WHS Maker Space is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore, discover, and problem solve using a variety of tools and materials. Our Maker Space is very much in its infancy but is growing rapidly in size, content, and complexity. We are excited to see what our WHS makers create this year.

    Curricular Extensions

    The curricular extensions program is reserved for students who meet the district criteria for supplemental lessons that occur outside of the regular homeroom class.  Students receive pull-out supplemental lessons in language arts, math, or both, if they qualify.  Sessions occur once a week and are designed to enrich students who demonstrate advanced reading, writing, and/or math abilities.    

    Math Extension

    • Offered to the top 2-5% of students in grades K-3. 
    • Meet once a week for 45 minutes.
    • Must be nominated by the classroom teacher, tested, and meet the criteria to qualify.

    Language Arts Extension

    • Offered to the top 2-5% of students in grades K-1.
    • Meet once a week for 45 minutes.
    • Must be nominated by the classroom teacher, tested, and meet the criteria to qualify.

     Gifted and Talented (G&T)

    Our Gifted and Talented program is a needs-based pull-out program designed to challenge the 2-5% of the student population in grades 2-3.  Students who are good candidates for G&T services are nominated by their teacher or parent.  They go through a screening process using nationally recognized gifted testing to determine eligibility, and must score within a certain range.  Nominations take place in February through March each year.

    Students who are identified are invited to participate in the program and work on thematic units throughout the year.  Students meet three times a week for 45 minutes.  They receive progress reports and are expected to carry out course objectives, as well as their regular classroom responsibilities.

    Please refer to our District Gifted and Talented site for more information regarding the program and nomination process. 

    District Gifted and Talented Program