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    Good Morning, My Friends … 

    • Beginning May 4th ...

      Please help your child complete one of the two library assignments during the fourth marking period.

      Go to your child's WHS Library Google Classroom.     NOTE: You will find two assignments in your Classroom.

      You only need to complete ONE library assignment to turn in during the fourth marking period.

       Please submit your child's work through Google Classroom.

      If you have any issues, email Mrs. Zanardi at vzanardi@readington.k12.nj.us


      <<< In the MENU to the left there is a STORY OF THE DAY!

       Optional Enrichment for June 1-5:

      If any students would like more work to do ... 

      Students may do both assignments, PLUS new optional enrichment activities will be listed on this WHS Library webpage each week.   

      This week's ENRICHMENT is again about animals, but this week it is about wild animals we usually only see at a zoo.

      Watch A Sick Day for Amos McGee on BookFlix, 2011 Caldecott Honor Medal winner!

      After reading the book…

      • Look at the examples below.

      • Line up some toy animals you have at home and trace them.

      • If you do not have any toy animals, draw a picture of you and your favorite wild animal.

      • If you want, you can include a sentence or two about why you like that animal.
      • The WHS Library as SO many books about wild animals in the NONFICTION section. Wild animals are in the 500s aisle. Last week's pets would be found in the 600s aisle.
      • Please email a photo of your drawing to vzanardi@readington.k12.nj.us

      • asd and and and

      Make sure you turn in any extra work when you are done so you receive extra credit.  

    Please let me know what great books you are reading at home!

     Email to vzanardi@readington.k12.nj.us  and I will email you back.

    I will be available by email during our regular school hours.

     AND ... Please keep collecting plastic. 

    We may not be in our school building, 

    but we can still keep trying to save our planet!


     Congratulations to our 2020

    1,000-Minute Readers! 

    Nikolas Albanese 

    Jacquelyn Antinozzi

    Dania  Arabikatbi 

    Rhea Aravind 

    Max Bakerman 

    Jack Bakerman 

    Cameron Beim

    Robert Brueggeman  

    Alexandra Burgey

    Paula Burke 

    Jayden Chen 

    Xia  Cobb

    Madisyn Colasurdo 

    Ryan  Coward 

    Vincent DeAngelo 

    Mishka Deshpande 

    Samantha DiStefano 

    Kieran Dunn 

    Max Dustin

    Theresa Egbert 

    Sarah Erd 

    Nathan Gardella 

    Maelyn Gawlowski 

    Gia Geiger

    Giordana Grillo 

    Saif Aldeen Hassan 

    Natalia Hekiert 

    Colin Hirschorn

    Adrianna  Hlinka

    Abigail Kaecker 

    Jonah Kairawala 

    Colin King 

    Phoebe King 

    Remy Knoll 

    Ava Larrea 

    Brice Lindquist 

    Nicholas Lobo Setti 

    Owen Medlin 

    Ana Medlin 

    Eyja Morgan Allen

    Maeva Morgan Allen

    Aiden Myers 

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    Adonis Pitts 

    Calix Pitts 

    Evelyn Pitts 

    Kavin Pratap 

    Lucy Richards 

    Sean Ritter

    Antonio Roman

    Robert Rosell

    Claire Rush 

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    Ella Schott 

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