Dog Reading in Library

Welcome Back Readers!!!

  • We hope you had a WONDERFUL summer and read lots of books! We look forward to working with you on your journey to becoming a GREAT reader!  



    Simply Read


    Read like the wind.


    Read everything you see.


    Read boxes and bags


    blocks and




    The names of cars


    foods in jars


    cereal boxes






    prices in aisles


    labels on tins


    or even people's skins…


    Read thermometers








    whatever it is that arrives in the mail


    Read door signs


    street signs


    signs on stores


    read where no reader has read before.


    Reading’s all around you


    all you need do is look


    grow what you know about the world


    and, yes, of course,




    -Janiel Wagstaff, 2012






    Ms. Pamela Czaskos

    908-534-4411 ext. 4208 


    Dr. Emily Bengels

    908-534-4411 ext. 4123