• Welcome to Whitehouse School!

    At Whitehouse School, we are committed to offering our young children experiences that will help them to develop emotionally, socially, and academically.  Emphasis is placed on cultivating the mind so that students become independent thinkers who work well with others. 


    As part of our school culture and, no doubt, through the curriculum, we are focusing on helping our children to think, read, and write critically.  We believe that the problem-solving process should involve the generating of alternative solutions.  When children are trained with this mindset, they are more apt to make good choices as they demonstrate a sense of compassion and empathy when dealing with people.  We want to work with you as we strive to equip our children with the skills necessary to succeed in life.  Please help us as we underscore the importance of being self-reflective and recognizing that others are impacted by our words, decisions, and actions. 


            Your children know that at Whitehouse School, we expect RESPECT for…







    We expect R-E-S-P-E-C-T at WHS!

                Educating children is such a complex process that we ask that you join us in the endeavor so we can be partners, working in the best interest of our kids!
    Dr. Ann T. DeRosa