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    Please be sure that you complete ONE Spanish project before June 12th.
    Click here for the projects.


    Spanish Optional Enrichment

     Week 6-1-20 "Los Meses del Año" (optional)

    Los Meses

    Song   Los Meses del Año


    Activity:  Please send me a picture of one of the following activities: 

    • Draw a picture of your birthday month and write the month in Spanish. 
    • Complete one of the following activities from the PDF (attachement)


    Note: All enrichment activities will receive extra credit.


    Week 5-25-20 "Dias de la Semana y Numeros" (optional)

      Dias de la semana

     Song   Cancion de Los Dias de la Semana 

    Song   Cancion de Los Dias de la Semana - Mouse

    (PDF) Los Dias de la Semana 

    Video Game  Numbers - Ice-Cream 


    Activity: Please send a picture of both activities:

    • Complete one of the following activities from the PDF (attachement)
    • After playing the ice-cream game, draw an ice-cream with the number of scoops that you did in the game.


    Week 5-18-20 "La Oruga Muy Hambrienta" (optional)


    Video La Oruga Muy Hambrienta (Audio book)


    Please choose ONE of the following activities (PDF) and send me a picture.

    Catepillar  La Oruga Muy Hambrienta (PDF)


    Week 5-11-20 “Las Frutas” (optional)

     Song  Las canción de las frutas 


    Vocabulario: Click Here



    Choose one of the following options: 

    • Draw, color and label in Spanish your favorite fruit or fruits.
    • Create a real fruit salad, fruit skewer or a creation with real fruits. Enjoy it!

    Fruit  Skewer

    • Do a fruit craft project  - see the suggestions below. You can use any material that you have at home. Be creative!

    Fruit  stick  Plate  roll


    You can email me a picture or a video telling me the fruits and its colors in Spanish.

    Have fun!  ¡Que se diviertan!



    Week 5-4-20 "Cinco de Mayo" (optional)

    Please watch the following videos about Cinco de Mayo:

    Video Cinco de Mayo 

      Song   Cancion Cinco de Mayo


    Choose ONE of the following Cinco de Mayo Activities 

    (attached) and email me a picture of your completed activity. 


    If you are not able to print, you can draw a picture about Cinco de Mayo.


    Note: Make sure you turn in any extra work when you are done so you receive extra credit.


    Please feel free to navigate through the Spanish website and explore more units and games. 


    If you have any questions please email me anytime.



    Señora de los Santos




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