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    Food for Thought

    Food for Thought is an opportunity to attend lunchtime enrichment clubs. On club days, bring your lunch to room 13 for a chance to have fun and learn something new while you eat.


    Winter sessions of Food For Thought are now running.

    Session 1 (February)

    5th grade - Crafts

    4th grade - Coding

    Session 2 (March)

    5th grade - Coding

    4th grade - Science Experiments 

    Session 3 (April)

    5th grade - News Crew

    4th grade - crafts 



    Below are a few of the clubs that ran in the past, but clubs are based on your ideas, so if you have a suggestion, please email Dr. McGibbon




    juggle                brain                  chess                   

           Juggling                     Brain Games                     Chess club               


    crime                  math                     ancient               

        Crimebusters                Math Art                            Ancient Antics         


      needle                     m                   news             

        Needlepoint            Make your own Mandala           News Crew             


    b          code      s

     Where in the World?               Coding                Star Weaving


    Food for Thought clubs are based on your ideas, so if you have a suggestion for a club, please email Dr. McGibbon