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    Food for Thought

    Food for Thought is an opportunity to attend lunchtime enrichment clubs. On club days, bring your lunch to room 13 for a chance to have fun and learn something new while you eat.


    Registration for session 2 is now closed, clubs will begin the week of January 10th.


    All schedules and rosters will be posted on the bulletin board by the lunchroom and also shared with classroom teachers.

    If students have questions, they may ask during Discover Lab classes.


    Our upcoming session of clubs includes Let's Build, Bracelet making, Bobcat Crimebusters, Coding, and more! 

    A third session, with different club choices, will run in March, registration will be in February.




    Below are a few of the clubs that ran in the past, but clubs are based on your ideas, so if you have a suggestion, please email Dr. McGibbon




    juggle                brain                  chess                   

           Juggling                     Brain Games                     Chess club               


    crime                  math                     ancient               

        Crimebusters                Math Art                            Ancient Antics         


      needle                     m                   news             

        Needlepoint            Make your own Mandala           News Crew             


    b          code      s

     Where in the World?               Coding                Star Weaving


    Food for Thought clubs are based on your ideas, so if you have a suggestion for a club, please email Dr. McGibbon