I'm excited to share this school year with you.
    Get ready for a fourth grade experience filled with fun learning adventures.  
    In social studies, you'll learn about your state's history, investigate natural resources and learn how to make good economic choices.  You'll work with fellow scientists to make hypotheses and carry out investigations to learn more about soils and landforms, energy and environments. As a reader, you'll enjoy books from different genres: nonfiction, historical fiction and realistic fiction. As a writer, you'll create your own narrative, nonfiction text, persuasive essay and literary essay. In math class, you'll continue to grow as a problem solver and share your strategies with your peers and teacher.
    Along the way, I will cheer you on and celebrate your accomplishments.
    This is your year to shine, Bobcat!  
    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. 

    Phone: (908) 823-0454 x2042

    Email:  kneuberger@readington.k12.nj.us




Last Modified on September 3, 2022