• Welcome to Physical Education
    Starting Feb 1, 2021
    1.  Each Class will have 1 PE Class for A schedule and 1 PE Class for B Schedule.
    2.  Please check with your Homeroom teacher for your schedule.
    3.  On your Virtual Day- Please use Bitmoji Classroom for PE Lessons
    4.  Be ready to Be Active
    5. Have Fun!
    Virtual Wednesday PE Class
    Use Google Meet Code- hbspe (no caps or spaces)

    During your specials time, you will have the choice to join me for a BONUS Virtual PE Class.  We will be doing various PE Activities, including Fitness Games, Cup Stacking, and Tricks and Challenges. We will also have Suprise Visitors to teach various lessons.  I hope you will join me on Virtual Wednesday.  I look forward to seeing you all.


    Mrs Sivo