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    Check out the links below to a variety of enrichment

    opportunities for all HBS students. Have fun!! 



    Food for Thought 

    Our optional lunchtime enrichment clubs will begin in October!! 

      Check out our Food for Thought page for more information




    Got a curious mind? Check out our Curiosities and Puzzlements page and give your brain something to wonder about! Curiosities and Puzzlements are updated monthly.




    If you have a competitive spirit, check out our Competitions page. We have lots of competitions for lots of different areas of interest. Competition opportunities are updated as they arise. 



    If you enjoy Roald Dahl, check out this website for a variety of indoor activities based on his books. Choose from arts, crafts, science experiments, read-aloud story extracts, quizzes, puzzles, and crafts!




    Do you love to play chess but don't always have someone to play against? Would you like to improve your chess skills? Or maybe you don't know how to play but would like to learn? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then  ChessKid is the site for you. It is completely free, just sign up for an account and let the fun begin! Remember, keep yourself safe online, check with your parents before signing up :0)




    If you love puzzles, check out Puzzle Fun for Kids You will find crosswords, word search, sudoku, and quadra puzzles just for kids, and the best part is they update daily!!


    coming soon   


    If you have any suggestions or requests, please email Dr. McGibbon :0) 











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