"It's the Process, Not the Product"



    Our Discover Lab is a facility that encourages creative thought in order to promote innovation through the use and availability of unique resources. Our goal is for the students to brainstorm, explore, predict, design and collaborate. 




    Wednesdays are Virtual Special Day!

    Students will be able to attend an extra optional Discover Lab activity. Each week's activity will be posted every Monday on the Google Classroom stream. Activities include make your own optical illusion, rock stacking challenge, paper plate pinball, make your own thinking putty and learn to juggle! If students choose to attend, use the link that is posted with the description. 
    ( it is NOT the same as our weekly class meeting)

    * Please join the meet at the beginning of your virtual special time *
    Teachers are unable to restart the directions/activity once it has started.

     virtual wednesday


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