"It's the Process, Not the Product"


    Discover Lab is a class where students develop the skills required to solve real-world problems but in a fun and age-appropriate way. Discover Lab challenges are designed to encourage communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and perseverance, in addition to working with limited resources and time constraints. Our goal is for students to realize for themselves that teamwork and perseverance are key to success in most of our challenges, and that failure is simply an expected part of the learning process. 


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    What to expect in Discover Lab? 


    Step 1. You want me to do whaaaat??

    Don't panic, every challenge is possible.


    Step 2. Think about it.

    Look at your supplies and think creatively about how you could use them.


    Step 3. Brainstorm

    Think of ideas, share them with your team, and be sure to listen to everyone's ideas.


    Step 4. Make a plan with your team.

    Work out the details, test your design, and learn from your mistakes.


    Step 5. Be Proud

    Whether your team succeeds in beating the challenge or not, be proud of what you accomplished. If you tried your best, didn't give up, worked as a team, and learned from the process, you are a success!





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