• It's Summer Time

    Stay Creative throughout the summer!

    Since you did such an amazing job with online learning this year, all of the remote learning Art Lessons and Art Enrichment Activities are being left up through the summer! Come back and visit as often as you'd like! Perfect for rainy days or when it's just too hot out!



    Week of 6/15/20 - Art Teacher for the Day

    Ok, friends...have you ever wished you could be the art teacher for the day?
    Well, here's your chance!

    Please tell me what type of art projects you would like to do next year!
    I am collecting ideas and I will try my best to teach your lesson!
    Or if there is a specific book you like and want to create something based off of the book, let me know!
    Please email me your ideas!

    Mrs. Pierro: dpierro@readington.k12.nj.us


    Week of 6/8/20 - Portrait

    Draw a portrait of the person you miss the most from school. Think of your teachers, any staff member, and friends. It could be anyone from your bus driver to the principal. It can be your entire class, if you want! Label it and send it to me...maybe even consider sending it to the person you draw.

    Tips for a nice portrait: if you're drawing one person, remember how we did it in kindergarten. We drew an oval for the face. Then the eyes should look like footballs. The nose can be a simple letter U with 2 smaller u's on the sides. The mouth should have an upper lip and a bottom lip....make it easier for yourself and have the mouth closed (no teeth). Add, hair, ears, and a neck and you're done. Color with whatever materials you would like! Take a look at the portrait below. It does not have to look like this...this is just an example from one of our kindergarteners...isn't it awesome? Think of what your friend looks like before you color!

    Sample Portrait




    Week of 6/1/20 - At Home Printmaking

    Please save all the bubble wrap you've been getting from all your Amazon orders! Your weekly art challenge is to create a picture using cut pieces of bubble wrap.


    Light colored paper, bubble wrap, scissors, water soluble markers (highlighters work well too) or paint, colored pencils, crayons, sharpie markers.



    1) Cut bubble wrap into a shape. Circles, hearts, leaves, etc.

    2) Color the bubble side of the bubble wrap with water soluble markers (highlighters work well too) or paint.

    3) Flip bubble wrap over and place onto your paper and press.

    4) Repeat 2 & 3 to design your picture.

    5) Once dry, finish creating your picture using any art materials you like, such as colored pencils, sharpie markers, water soluable markers, or paint.

    For example: if you cut circles, turn them into trees or beach balls by adding an environment or background to your picture.

    6) Send us your artwork!


    Mrs. Pierro: dpierro@readington.k12.nj.us

    Mrs. Coyle: mcoyle@readington.k12.nj.us



    Week of 5/26/20 - Art Museum Scavenger Hunt at Home 

    Parents, please allow your child to actually take the photos. Be creative...they should not look exactly like mine!

    Art Museum Scavenger Hunt  




    Week of 5/18/20 - Reverse Drawing

    Watch this Reverse Drawing video below:




    Week of 5/11/20 - Fun Perspective Photography

    Be creative with perspective!
    Take a funny picture of something far away
    interacting with something close.

    See my examples:

    examples of fun perspective photography





    Day 1 - Daily Art Challenge - Balance


    Day 2 - Daily Art Challenge - Shape & Form


    Day 3 - Daily Art Challenge - Form


    Day 4 - Daily Art Challenge - Symmetry


    Day 5 - Daily Art Challenge - Emphasis


    Day 6 - Daily Art Challenge - Texture


    Day 7 - Daily Art Challenge - Value


    Day 8 - Daily Art Challenge - Pointillism


    Day 9 - Daily Art Challenge - Motion


    Day 10 - Daily Art Challenge - Negative Space


    Day 11 - Daily Art Challenge - Color


    Day 12 - Daily Art Challenge - Line



    Blue Heart Art Challenge!

    Mrs Pierro's Blue Heart

    The Hunterdon Medical Center has requested artwork to fill the walls and windows of their buildings with messages of love and support for their healthcare workers to see as they enter. You are such AMAZING artists and I know you can brighten the hearts of the incredible heroes working so hard to keep us safe. The theme of these artworks will be a BLUE HEARTThe blue heart represents the courage and commitment of healthcare heroes. Please include words of support, encouragement, appreciation, and love for these brave people. Your family is welcome to work together on this project to create the best art possible for them. 

    Please send all artwork to:

    Kathleen Seelig - Public Relations
    Hunterdon Medical Center
    2100 Wescott Drive
    Flemington NJ 08822

    If you cannot mail, you can email pictures of your artwork/messages to:



    Week of 4/20/20 - Earth Week Art Lesson
    Create an Earth Week picture. Click below to watch the lesson
    Optional (but very cool!)
    Click below if you'd like to learn how to make an Agamograph
    Please click here for details about the World Wildlife Fund's #ArtForEarth art showcase

    Week of 4/13/20 - Makeup Week
    Please catch up with any work you may have missed!


    Week of 4/6/20 - Kindergarten Self Portrait Lesson

    Please print Face Shape before you start the video lesson below.

    If you are unable to print...no worries...open the PDF and draw it as best you can.

    Gather Materials: face shape printed on paper, pencil, and eraser.

    Crayons or colored pencils are optional.

    Please watch Kindergarten Self Portrait video:



    Week of 4/13/20 - 1st Grade

    Pete The Cat Lesson - Week of April 6th

    1) Please watch the read aloud video (click below) 

    Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses Read Aloud

    2) Please watch the directions video:


    3) Please print the tracer PDF (click below)

    If you are unable to print...no worries...open the PDF and draw it as best you can.

    Pete the Cat Tracer.pdf

    4) Gather Materials: pencil, scissors, glue stick or tape, white paper, and
    crayons or markers or paint

    5) a) Create your background page of your favorite place,
    b) Create magic sunglasses repeating the background image inside the lenses
    c) Cut nose out (white paper)
    d) Glue all pieces to your background paper



    Week of 4/13/20 - 2nd Grade

    Complimentary Zebras Lesson - Week of April 6th

    1) Watch Complementary Colors video 1st:



    2) Watch the Zebra Drawing video 2nd:

    Please don't send me your artwork UNTIL you watch the 3rd Homophones video.

    I spoke at the end of my Zebra drawing video and said to send me pictures, but I would like you to do the 3rd step before you do send me your artwork!


    3) Watch the Homophones video 3rd:





    Week of 4/13/20 - 3rd Grade

    One Point Perspective Lesson - Week of April 6th

    1) Gather Materials: paper, pencil, eraser, and ruler or straightedge

    2) Watch the One Point Perspective video:




    3/25/20 through 4/3/20 - Art Choice Board
    Art Choice Board



    3/18/20 through 3/24/20 - Artist Highlights

    Please take a look at the PDFs I am providing for your first at-home art lesson. I understand you may not have all the materials, so please just do what you can to create the project. I'd love to see your creations, so please take pictures and email them to me! Please reach out with any questions. If you are unable to create the projects below, try researching the artist I am highlighting for your grade level and send me 3 pictures of your favorite pieces of their artwork. 


    Kindergarten: Piet Mondrian Art Lesson

    1st Grade: Wassily Kandinsky Art Lesson

    2nd Grade: Grant Wood Art Lesson

    3rd Grade: Paul Klee Art Lesson



    Mrs. Pierro: dpierro@readington.k12.nj.us

    Mrs. Coyle: mcoyle@readington.k12.nj.us