• Art Palette
    The Art Room Philosophy 

    The arts are pervasive in all areas
    of our lives and impart meaning to all experience.

    The Readington Township School District is
    committed to providing every child a 
    visual and performing arts education, including
    music, visual arts, dance, and theater.
    These programs will encompass learning experiences
    to help students develop the following:


    • communication and self-expression

    • performance skills

    • critical thinking skills

    • an appreciation of history and culture

    • cooperation and teamwork

    • problem-solving strategies

    • aesthetic awareness

    • technique particular to a variety of instruments, tools or materials, and

    • understanding and effective use of technology


    Each child in the Readington School District will experience a continuing and systematic arts education through arts making, arts heritage, arts aesthetics, and arts criticism.

    Mrs. Mary Coyle

    Mrs. Dana Pierro 

    Art Teachers