As your child's school speech-language specialist, I am dedicated to providing personalized and appropriate resources for home practice to strengthen the skills we are working on in sessions. Such resources may include worksheets, videos, or websites. You may contact me at any time for personalized resources! 

    The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association suggests the following activities based on your child's grade level: 

    In Early Grades K–2

    Talk with your child a lot and read different types of books.

    Read every day and talk with your child about the story.

    Help your child learn sound patterns of words. You can play rhyming games and point out letters as you read.

    Have your child retell stories and talk about his day.

    Talk with your child about what you do during the day. Give her directions to follow.

    Talk about how things are the same and different.

    Give your child opportunities to write.

    In Later Grades 3-5

    Keep your child reading. Find books and magazines that interest your child.

    Ask your child what he thinks about what he hears or reads. Connect what he reads to events in his life.

    Help your child connect with what she reads and hears at school, home, and other events.

    Talk out loud as you help your child read about and solve problems.

    Help your child recognize spelling patterns. For example, point out the beginnings and endings of words, like "pre-" or "–ed."

    Encourage your child to write letters, keep a diary, and write stories.

    Please visit this page for more grade level suggestions!

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Last Modified on August 18, 2022