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    Stock Market Tycoons




    Introduction: The stock market is one real world example of how mathematics is used in our everyday life to help us maintain financial wealth. Stock brokers on Wall Street work with facts and figures which represent dollars and centers to invest in companies around the world. Share holders, are people who buy parts of a company call shares to help companies grow. If a share holder buys part of a company and that company is successful, the shareholder will make money on the stocks. In this project, students will work with company stocks to determine if they win or loose money over a two week period.


    Task: You have been given $100,000 to work with a partner to choose four stocks to virtually purchase and own for a two week period. You will track the stock’s financial performance by creating a stock portfolio. You will use several tools to analyze the stock performance including the Internet. Your goal is to have the highest return on investment for your stock portfolio. It will be important to work successfully with your stock team member to make appropriate choices based on the information that you are working with at the time of the stock transaction.



    1. Your teacher will let you know who your stock partner will be for this project.
    2. Meet with your partner to discuss several companies that you will  be interested in finding out more about in the next few days.
    3. At home talk to your family about companies and consider possible investments to make. Read the financial section of newspapers to determine stocks to invest in and listen to television and radio programs about stock investments.
    4. Go to the Internet to research stocks that you are interested in for investment purposes. One resource to consider is http://finance.yahoo.com
    5. Once you have decided which four stocks that you want to purchase, determine how many shares of each stock that you can purchase if you have $25,000 to spend on the purchase of each stock. Use your calculators to complete this part.
    6. Use a stock tracking form to complete the following information for four stocks:

    Company Name ,Stock Symbol, Purchase Price, Purchase Date, Number of Shares, Amount Invested in Stock

    1. After you complete the stock tracking form for the initial purchase, use the
    2.  Internet two times per week at least to track the performance of your portfolio.

    Your portfolio should include the following information: Company Name , Stock Symbol, Purchase Price, Purchase Date, Today’s Date, Today’s Stock Price, Number of Shares, Total Value of Stock, Amount of Money Lost or Gained on Stock

    1. Over the course of two weeks, you should have tracked the stock value at least

    Six times including the initial investment and two week closing price.

    1. Once you have determined the total number of dollars that you have gained or lost

           with your $100,000 investment, share this information with your classmates.

    1. Team members who make a 5% return on their $100,000 investment will be

          designated Stock Market Tycoons and will receive a SMT Certificate.



    1.      Internet

    2.      TycoonTracker


    Evaluation Rubric

                                                          Not Available 0   Some        10    Most  15      All  20


    1. Four Stocks in


    1. Purchase Prices,

    Dates, recorded

    1. Values computed


    1. Used time and materials


    1. Worked appropriately

    with others