• My School Bucks
    Please Note:  There is no fee to utilize the report services of MySchoolBucks.com
                          The fee applies only to credit card and Paypal Payments.

    Readington Township Public schools utilizes a cafeteria point of sale system administrated by Nutrikids. It is our hope that this service will prove to be a convenient and easy system for both you and your children to use. If you have any questions about this system, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to address your concerns.

    Jason M. Bohm, SBA/Bd Sec  
     Ray Egbert, Assistant SBA/Bd Sec
    (908) 534-2885    (908) 534-2895
    • If you wish to use this system to make credit card or PayPal payments or to monitor your child's purchases, the first step you will need to take is to register on the MySchoolBucks website. Access to the site along with step by step directions is available by clicking the MySchoolBucks.com link above. (There is convenience fee for each credit card transaction to cover processing fees. The school district does not profit from use of this site).
    • Each student will use their student ID# to make purchases in the school cafeterias.
    • Checks made payable to the Readington Schools Cafeteria Account and Cash can also be used, and your child's account will be credited.
    • If your child receives free or reduced meal prices, this information is noted in the system and the meal will be processed just as it is for all other students without any special indication to your child or the other students.
    • Younger students will be given cards at lunchtime with their ID#. Middle School students will be asked to memorize their ID#s.
    • Cafeteria Personnel will have a roster and will be able to check for student ID#s that are forgotten, and they will also be able to assist students in entering their numbers into the system at lunchtime.
    • The schools will have the ability to place notes on child's record regarding food allergies and purchase limitations.
    • The website will also offer parents the ability to obtain Eating History Reports and email notifications regarding student account balances.