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    Mrs. Lori Gabrielsen, M.A.  - district ESL specialist (HBS/WHS)
    Mrs. Dawn LoCalio -  district ESL specialist (RMS/WHS)

    Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns:

    908-534-4411 x 4210
    908-534-2195  x6005

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    Fun English activities to do:

    • read a book -- or two or three!
    • listen to an audio book
    • keep a daily journal of fun activities you have done each day
    • write letters or postcards to friends
    • have playdates with English-speaking friends
    • watch a show -- then tell someone about what happened
    • practice math skills (play some card games, etc)
    • make a lemonade stand and sell lemonade or cold treats to neighbors and friends
    • write a story
    • complete a puzzle
    • listen to mystery stories - then create your own!
    • learn a new hobby -- sewing, painting by number, knitting, gardening, magic dot paintings, etc.
    • help a parent, relative, friend with a project


    Feel free to email us if you have any questions, and we will see you all soon!








Last Modified on September 7, 2023