• Meet the SEL Team


    The SEL Team in Readington is a collaborative, grassroots effort consisting of administrators, school counselors, classroom teachers, paraprofessionals and students.  There are a variety of teams that regularly meet to discuss a variety of SEL-related topics.  Here are the SEL goals for the 2020-2021 school year.  

    District SEL Team:  This team consists of all school counselors from each building within the district as well as staff members and students leaders. This team is responsible for focusing on the five core competencies and how we can effectively infuse these competencies throughout our schools and broader community.  

    Individual Building SEL Teams:  Each building has an SEL Team.  The members of this team are: 

    • Building Principal
    • School Counselor(s)
    • Teacher Respresentatives from each grade level and special area 
    • Parent Representative
    • Students (at certain times)

    This team is responsible for developing, implementing, and nurturing effective SEL integration that meets the needs of the students and teachers within their building. This means cohesively weaving SEL into all aspects of academic life that is aligned to the goals outlined under the strategic plan as well as the common visions of the building principal and individual culture and climate of each individual school. The building SEL teams serve as educational leaders by turnkeying information related to SEL initiatives to their colleagues and grade level teams.