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    Welcome to Readington School District's Social and Emotional Learning Program (SEL) Website.  This program's intention is to fully support the district's mission statement, which is to cultivate and nurture education, civic mindedness, a positive work ethic, and sound character.  

    The SEL programs throughout the school buildings are rooted in the notion that people are multi-dimensional and complex beings. Our definition of education is that academic and social and emotional learning are not separate entities, but rather interconnected in order to achieve and maintain the district's high academic standards. Cutting-edge educational research shows that in order to enrich the academic lives of students, we need to teach all members of our community about:

    • Self Awareness
    • Self Management
    • Social Awareness
    • Relationship Skills
    • Responsible Decision-Making 


                                         Self Awareness   

    This website provides SEL-related information and resources for board members administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Together, we make up the Readingon School District. We are a collective team with a common vision.  As the above quote states, in order to create real effective change, we need to start with ourselves.  This site provides tools and strategies for individuals to develop social and emotional skills needed to make a successful difference in this amazing and challenging world. On this website you will find:

    • Background information on SEL and the Five CASEL Competencies
    • Teacher, parent, and student resource pages that include articles, videos, lesson plans, activities, and opportunities for personal growth. 
    • SEL program highlights from each school building
    • A Mindfulness Resource Page that support the Five CASEL Competencies


    With gratitude and warm regards,

    Anthony Tumolo

    District Teacher Coordinator of Social and Emotional Learning Programs

    Phone Number: 908-534-4411 ext. 4213 (WHS)

    Email:  atumolo@readington.k12.nj.us