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     Some Energy Activities here at HBS...


    Energy bulletin boards at HBS


    Holland Brook School's Student Leadership Club created a bulletin board with ways to save energy.  


    HBS bulletin board

     School Energy Bulletin Board - Success Tracker Poster 

    HBS Bulletin Board2

    HBS Bulletin Board1


    Watts Up Hands on Lesson for Holland Brook 4th graders


    Watts Up Gr. 4 photo


    Fourth graders at Holland Brook School extended their electricity unit in science by investigating how much electricity different electric devices use.  The devices included desktop and laptop computers, a hair dryer, a cell phone, and lamps with LED and incandescent bulbs.  The "Watts Up" electricity activity challenged students to predict which devices use the most electricity, then to measure electricity usage from a watt meter.  They used their multiplication skills to calculate the kilowatt hours each device used.  Many of the students were surprised to see how much electricity the devices used when left on for a long period of time.  The activity ended with a reminder that students have the power to conserve electricity by turning lights and electronics off when they are not using them both at home and at school.


    Field Day at Holland Brook School

    hpg 2015  
    At Holland Brook School's fabulous Field Day, Jodi Bettermann hosted an activity booth with a human power generator.  The students were challenged to pedal the generator fast enough to light up a conventional incandescent light bulb and then light up an LED bulb.  What they found was that it took quite a bit more energy to light up the incandescent bulb than the LED bulb.  Many students also observed that the LED bulb was brighter than the incandescent bulb.  LED bulbs use energy more efficiently than incandescent bulbs, wasting less energy as heat instead of light.  Several students were intrigued by the generator and came back multiple times to try it.  Everyone had a good time learning more about energy efficiency.