District Solar Generation

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    District Solar Project

    In 2015, the district in its efforts to be environmentally friendly and promote a culture of sustainability embarked on a project to bring solar power to the district. After 2 years of research and planning, the project began construction in September.

    Ground Solar arrays will be installed in an area behind Holland school, and in the old school bus parking area in front of the Middle School. Roof mounted arrays will be installed at Three Bridges School and the Middle School. Unfortunately, Whitehouse School could not be included in this project due to space limitations that made the installation of solar panels unfeasible. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the project is slated to be completed by the end of December this year and generating electric power in early January 2018.

    Once installed and operational, the system will reduce some but not all of the electricity we receive from our local power company. At times of reduced building use, such as during the summer months, we will be sending power back to the electrical grid for which we receive credits for future use. All of this will result in savings and lower electrical costs to the district while lowering our carbon footprint.

    As the project progresses, pictures and important information will be posted.


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    Three Bridges

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