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    Readington Middle School is a 2019 Green Ribbon School making all district schools award winners.

    Holland Brook School recognized as a 2018 Green Ribbon School.

    Whitehouse School is a 2016 Green Ribbon School winner.

    Three Bridges School is a 2014 Green Ribbon School winner.

    Upgraded windows and doors at Readington Middle School reduced energy usage by more than $20,000 in first two years.

    Partnership with GovDeals to sell old usable furniture, school buses, and other equipment when it is no longer appropriate for the district.

    Solar panels installed at Holland Brook School, Readington Middle School and Three Bridges School in 2018..

    Water bottle refill stations in all school buildings.

    Green Seal cleaning products used throughout campus.

    Recycled content toilet paper and paper towels used throughout campus.

    Single stream recycling for wide variety of paper products, plastics #1-7, glass and aluminum.



    Post-consumer composting in all K-3 schools

    Recyclable materials in all school cafeterias



    Rain Garden installed at Readington Middle School.

    School Community Gardens at Three Bridges, Whitehouse, and Readington Middle Schools.

    Integrated Pest Management used throughout the district.



    Digital control scheduling for all facilities with temperature set points.

    Expectations for unplugging appliances during break times, lights and equipment off at the end of the day.

    LED lighting replacements in TBS and WHS.



    Don Race, Facilities Manager  drace@readington.k12.nj.us

    Jodi Bettermann, Energy Efficiency Coordinator   jbettermann@readington.k12.nj.us