Mrs. Duncan's Second Grade Class

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    Mrs. Duncan:

    If your child is going to be absent or you change your child's pick-up, please contact the office (and cc: me).

    Team Duncan Strives for a Successful Year!

    September has had us getting to know each other and learning to work together.  Everyone is making strong strides into the routine of a new school year.  As second graders, students are realizing new expectations and increased responsibilities, leading to greater independence.

    Listed below are some of the computer-related routines/programs our team has activated and will be using on a regular basis in class and often as homework assignments. 

    These reinforcement programs can be accessed via CLEVER on student laptops or the TBS web site. Students use the same log-in IDs and Passwords for all programs.  A copy of their IDs/Passwords has been taped inside their agenda book covers.

    - Reflex Math  (accessible in the evenings)

    - iReady Math and Reading Paths (accessible in the evenings)

    - Raz Kids (accessible in the evenings)

    - Epic! Books (accessible during school hours)

    - Team Duncan '22-'23 Google Classroom (accessible in the evenings)

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