Class Placement

  • In regards to class placement, The Parent Handbook reads

    “Teacher Assignments

    One of the most challenging jobs we have is placing children in classes for the coming school year. We take this task seriously and consider many variables when making each decision. For instance, we consider each child's personality and how he or she interacts with other students. We try to establish balanced academic groups in accordance with the district’s heterogeneous grouping philosophy. In addition, we consider the relative compatibility of student and teacher.  Our goal is to provide the very best learning environment possible for your child.

    We will notify parents and the child of his or her teacher assignment in late August prior to the start of school. While we cannot accept parental requests for specific teachers, each year in the spring we do ask that parents inform us in writing of any special educational concerns that would influence a child's placement. These might include academic, emotional, or social issues. Parents may be concerned about conflicts between students and/or other similar issues that could adversely affect their child’s progress in school. It is important that we have such concerns in writing before class assignments are final.”

    We begin the process by having the current year teacher complete an information card on each child in her class. The card details gender, literacy and mathematics performance, typical classroom behavior, details of special education/504/guidance programs, student interests, conditions in which the child learns best and whether or not the nurse is aware of specific medical needs. Teachers also take into consideration how students get along with each other to ensure the most harmonious environment.

    After the cards are completed, the current teams place students together in the projected next year teachers’ classes. Input is given by the principal, guidance counselor, special education teachers, enrichment teachers, and specialists. The class lists are then created and submitted to the principal.

    The principal reviews class lists and checks for scheduling of students for special education, enrichment and intervention. A review of parent letters and follow-up discussions with teachers about the students occurs.

    This is a comprehensive process that includes many members of the school community. It is a high priority that classes are created to promote optimal learning and a strong sense of community.

Last Modified on December 6, 2021