• Discipline


    We consider discipline to be a teaching tool that can help students achieve self-discipline.  In the early grades, most discipline issues are minor and are handled by the classroom teacher.  If this occurs, the teacher or other member of the staff will offer your child a simple reminder and/or a brief time-out followed by a private discussion of the problem.  If the need arises, the teacher may discuss these issues with you and ask for your suggestions for working with your child to help build self-discipline.  If necessary, the teacher will consult with the principal and/or guidance counselor and implement a behavior management plan.  Harassment, intimidation, and bullying behaviors will also be addressed and may lead to consequences.  In the event that the behavior is very disruptive or involves fighting, injuring others, or damaging school property, the principal will be involved and you will be contacted. Disciplinary measures will follow.  It is our hope that children receive the same message about behavior expectations from school and home.