• NEW: Student COVID Reporting Form

    Our School Nurses will be collecting COVID positive information from parents.  If you need to contact the school to report a positive COVID case of your child, please fill out the Student COVID Reporting Form.  This will assist us in gathering information and contact tracing.

    2021-2022 School Year
    Readington COVID Dashboard
    The following link is a dashboard of positive COVID-19 cases in our schools.  This will be updated when we learn of positive cases.  To access the dashboard, please click here.

    Readington Safe Return Plan 2021-2022
    To access the Readington Safe Return Plan, please click here.
    To access the Readington Safe Return Plan in Spanish, please click here.

    Readington The Road Forward: Readington Ready Plan 2021-2022
    To access the Readington The Road Forward: Reopening Plan, please click here

    Readington ESSER/ARP
    The Readington Township Public School District made application for ESSER/ARP funds.  In order to receive funds, the district had to complete a page that details the use of funds.  Please review the handout below for the use of funds:
    Use of Funds

    COVID-19 Resources and Information
    COVID Dashboard
    Department of Health