• November 20, 2010



    Dear Readington Resident,


    I am writing to tell you about something really exciting that took place recently at Three Bridges School that was made possible by the Readington Educational Foundation. 

    Students were jumping out of their seats with enthusiasm telling the details of their scary stories, funny stories and sports stories!

    REF funded a grant for two professional storytellers to teach the art of their craft to third-graders at TBS. The children then wrote their own stories and were coached by the authors on presenting them. The result was truly remarkable. Reluctant writers found encouragement in learning that a shirt hanging in the basement could be the start of a great composition.  Shy children found the confidence to present their creations. 

    Programs like these are being funded in all four of our Readington Township Schools – thanks to individuals and businesses in the community who recognize the importance of REF – enhancing our regular curriculum and turning good school days into great school days for our students.

    In fact, the Readington Educational Foundation has become a resounding success.  In just over four years, REF has been able to raise more than $100,000 to fund innovative projects – in literacy math, science, technology and the arts – that would not have been funded otherwise.

    As you are aware, funding for the schools has been and will most likely continue to be drastically cut by the state government.  For these kinds of programs to continue, REF needs your financial support.  I hope you will demonstrate your commitment to our children’s education today by making a gift of $180 to REF’s 180 Days Campaign.

    If a gift of another amount is more comfortable for you right now, every dollar counts. Be assured that your gift is important and will help support a healthy learning environment and access to stimulating and unique curriculum additions, like the Story Telling Experience.

     Genevieve Van Doren           

    REF Chairperson


    P.S.    Participants in the 180 Days Campaign have agreed to support Readington’s students with a gift of $1 for each of the 180 days of the school year.  Can you help by giving $1 a day?

Last Modified on November 23, 2010