Readington Home School Association, Inc.
    P.O. Box 700, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey 08889


    Executive Committee Members 2023-2024
    Position Name Term
    President Lindsay Salaj 2022-2024
    Executive Vice President Jessica Lestuk 2022-2024
    Treasurer Barbara Peña Saydek 2022-2024
    Secretary Rebecca Cambria 2023-2025
    HBS Vice President Jessica Brooks 2023-2025
    HBS Vice President Kaitlynn Kurtzo 2022-2024
    RMS Vice President Alicia Rosell 2022-2024
    RMS Vice President Nicole Lepinski 2023-2025
    TBS Vice President Kristin McHale 2022-2024 
    TBS Vice President Julie Hynes 2023-2025
    WHS Vice President Megan Dustin 2022-2024
    WHS Vice President Jacalyn Fowler 2022-2024 
    DEI Chair Jamila Ritter 2022-2024
      Please contact us at readingtonschoolshsa@gmail.com
    We are here to help you with any questions or concerns.

    Board of Trustees 2023-2024
    Position Name Phone Number
    Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Hart 908-534-2195
    Readington Middle School: Mr. Timothy Charleston 908-534-3803
      Dr. Jonathan Moss
    (Asst. Principal)
    Holland Brook School: Mr. Paul Nigro 908-534-2718
    Three Bridges School: Dr. Kristin Higgins 908-534-5710
    Whitehouse School: Dr. Ann DeRosa 908-534-4716
    Teacher Reps     
    Readington Middle School: Marybeth Schwarz  
    Holland Brook School:  Alissa Buelow  
    Three Bridges School: Amy Kokoszka  
    Whitehouse School: Lisa Painter