• Schoolwide Enrichment




              Schoolwide Enrichment is available to all students at Three Bridges School.  These are voluntary programs that students may take part in to give them exposure to fun activities in the subject areas of their choice.  The Schoolwide Enrichment Programs this year may include:


    SEL:  Social Emotional Learning:


     Sunshine Math

    Back by popular demand, Sunshine Math is a fun and developmentally appropriate program that challenges kids to "think outside of the box" when solving math problems.  Children will complete the activities at home, and return them to their classroom. To see each week's challenge and print from home click here... K-1 Sunshine Math. 

    Maker Space

    The TBS Maker Space is located in the library. It is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore, discover, and problem solve using a variety of tools and materials. Our Maker Space is very much in its infancy but is growing rapidly in size, content, and complexity. We are excited to see what our TBS makers create this year.      

    Science Fair

    Our annual Science Fair will take place during the winter months.  Students are invited to share an experiment, an invention, or a research project.  Students are encouraged to partner with a sibling, partner, or family member.  It is a wonderful opportunity for budding scientists to shine! 

    Writing Competitions

    Periodically throughout the year students have the opportunity to participate in community sponsored writing competitions.


    If you have any questions regarding Schoolwide Enrichment, please feel free to call me at 782- 2141 X5208.  I'm looking forward to an exciting year of learning!


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