Gifted and Talented Program

    and Curricular Extension



    The G+T  program is designed to challenge the highest academic achievers in each grade. It is a needs based program designed to challenge the top 2 - 5% of students as mandated by the State of New Jersey.
    All students are assessed yearly based on classroom performance and standardized test scores. This data is used to form a pool of students to be given additional G+T assessments. The G+T assessments are designed to evaluate the strength of students foundational skills in both language arts and math, flexibility of thinking, and ability to apply concepts. Additionally, for the second and third grade program, students must score within a certain range on a nationally recognized assessment designed to show giftedness in young children. Students who meet these criteria may be eligible to participate in the G+T program. 
    Kindergarten and first grade students meeting the district’s criteria for inclusion in the program will meet with the enrichment teacher once a week for Reading and/or once a week for Math. Second and third grade students will meet three times a week to work on thematic units of study. All students will be challenged with a variety of activities designed to encourage higher level thinking skills, promote problem solving skills, and stretch inquisitive minds.


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