A Message To Parents

September 1, 2019 

Dear Parents:

I am pleased to have your son/daughter in my Mandarin Chinese class.  I plan to make his/her year of studying a foreign language an exciting and memorable experience.

Foreign language study is essential today not only to meet the requirements of higher education institutions, but also because of the expanding global economy and ever increasing job opportunities requiring one or more languages other than English.  Rapid expansion of international business creates a need for more knowledge of international cultures as well as proficiency in foreign languages.  In order to prepare our future leaders to be competitive, students must develop communicative competence in languages.

Emphasis will be placed on communicating effectively in Mandarin Chinese, making connections, comparing Mandarin Chinese with the English language, examining communities, and understanding the culture of Chinese-speaking countries.   If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact me at ldrew@readington.k12.nj.us.

I expect this to be an exciting and fulfilling year in your child’s foreign language experience and I am looking forward to meeting you throughout the school year.
Best Regards,
Lilien Drew
Mandarin Chinese Teacher