Reporting an Absence

  • To report a student’s absence please email the RMS Office at OR call our Attendance Line at 908-534-2113 prompt #1 and include the following:

    • Parent’s name

    • Student’s name and grade

    • Reason for absence, including any symptoms if ill

    • Probable date of return to school 

    If your student is experiencing symptoms due to illness (i.e. fever, vomiting, diarrhea etc.), please follow up with our nurses at 908-534-3809 or 908-534-3810.


    As a reminder:

    Please provide an absence note from the parent or doctor indicating the reason and date of absences.


    Parents are asked not to request that children be excused early. However, if it is necessary, please email or send in a note with the student stating the information above as well as the pickup time.


    Students must be present for a total of 4 hours to receive credit for the school day.


    Please click here for a complete view of our Attendance Policy as written in the RMS Handbook.