A Message from the Principal

  • Dear Students, Parents and Visitors,

    Welcome to Readington Middle School – a true learning community! I look forward to working
    with the school community to maintain a high bar while never losing sight of the individual
    learning styles of students.

    RMS is a caring community that upholds high academic standards. The outstanding teachers,
    students and parents work together to form a wonderful, collaborative environment. Because
    the middle school years are so developmentally vital, it is our goal to provide various
    opportunities to students that will help them grow academically and personally.
    Collaboration is valued at RMS. The teachers at each grade level work together to create
    interdisciplinary, educational opportunities while addressing the core curriculum standards. The
    students will receive an 86 minute literacy block. Our teachers and students utilize technology,
    such as Smartboards and document cameras, etc. to enhance learning. All students will have
    access to a Chromebook for educational purposes.

    Students experience the fine and performing arts, physical education, and health in cycles
    assigned by grade. More than half of our student body participates in the band, chorus or
    orchestral programs that are available to all students. Our musical groups have distinguished
    themselves through their outstanding performances in concerts and in competitions.
    Curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular programs make it possible for students to showcase
    their talents while developing new skills and interests. RMS offers many different clubs and a
    full athletic program. Students are encouraged to get involved in the many activities offered.
    We are also proud to have an amazing student council. They are responsible for sponsoring
    various events such as spirit days and school dances. In addition to our school programs, there
    are educational school trips that further expand the academic and social experiences of our
    students. Participating in these fun activities is a great way to become a member of the school
    community, develop lasting friendships and create lasting memories.

    The guidance department at RMS is made up of dedicated counselors who are available to assist
    students and their families. The counselors work with the students from sixth grade through
    eighth grade so they can help guide our students through all the challenges inherent to middle
    school. The relationships that the counselors build with the student body allow them to
    support students in their academic and social growth. Our counseling department is often the
    first place students and parents turn when they need answers to questions or assistance with
    academic or social issues.

    RMS is an educational community committed to promoting the development of each student
    and honoring our commitment to the citizens of Readington Township. We have an
    outstanding staff of dedicated professionals who are eager to see the students succeed. The
    teachers, counselors and administrators look forward to working with you to provide the best
    educational program.

    Mrs. Sharon Moffat
    Principal, RMS


    Sharon Moffat, Principal - smoffat@readington.k12.nj.us
    Jonathan Moss, Assistant Principal - jmoss@readington.k12.nj.us
    P.O. Box 700 • 48 Readington Road • Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 • (908) 534-2113 • (908) 534-6802 fax