RMS 2020-2021 Yearbook Sale!
    8th grade ads are ALSO for sale!
    Purchase yours by February 17, 2021!
    If your child would like a yearbook, it is extremely important that you order one as soon as possible. 
    **Yearbooks and ads will NOT be available for purchase after this date**
    Directions For Ordering A Yearbook Online:
    Simply visit www.yearbookforever.com and type Readington Middle School in the box under school name.  After clicking on Readington Middle School, click on “Buy Yearbook.”  Using this website, you have many exciting options to customize your child’s yearbook!  For example, you are then given the option to purchase different lines of text, images and icons, and a clear plastic cover to protect your child’s book.
    **Please note that the yearbook website works best with a browser other than Google Chrome and that the yearbook company charges a small service fee for your purchase.** 
    Remember to purchase a yearbook online by January 22, 2021!  
    Contact information is below:
    **Please note that if you are having a problem with the online system in regards to ordering or ads, please contact Walsworth, the yearbook company.