The Preschool Team

  • The preschool team is a multifaceted group of professional staff.  They include teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, a preschool coach, and a preschool intervention specialist.  They work to ensure  the district maintains a high-quality early childhood educational experience for our youngest learners.  The preschool team is made up of many professionals below list a sample of our team:

    District Level Staff
    Staci Beegle, Director of Pupil Services

    Heather Gibbons, Preschool CST Case Manager

    Katie DaQuisto, Preschool Coach & Intervention Specialist

    Jennifer Mooney, Preschool District Relief Teacher 

    Natalie Placenia, Preschool District Relief Teacher & Community Parent Involvement Specialist

    Building Staff
    Dr. Ann DeRosa, Principal at WHS

    Dr. Kristen Higgins, Principal at TBS

    Gina Nelesson, Director at Stanton Learning Center

    Nicole Tiger, Director at Berry Patch

    Judy Serra, Director at Whitehouse Prep

    Bridgette Como, Director at Global Pioneer Academy