Equity Statement

  • The Readington Township Board of Education, by way of this policy and mission, affirms its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion for members of the school community.  The idea of belonging is deeply rooted in this work. With this in mind, the district seeks to ensure all staff, students, parents, and other stakeholders feel safe, welcomed, valued, supported, and included within our schools and school events.  This statement includes the multiple policies that ensure equity in our educational setting.  These primary policies include but are not limited to:

    1140 - Affirmative Action Program

    1510 - Americans with Disabilities Act

    1530 - Equal Employment Opportunity

    1550 - Equal Employment/Anti-Discrimination Practices

    1555 - Domestic Partnership

    1581 - Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence

    2260 - Affirmative Action for School and Classroom Practices

    2200 - Curriculum Content

    2240 - Controversial Issues

    2270 - Religion in Schools

    2310 - Pupil Grouping

    2412 - Home Instruction

    2414 - Pupils at Risk 

    2415 - No Child Left Behind Programs/Every Student Succeeds Act

    2416 - Programs for Pregnant Pupils

    2418 - Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 - Students

    2423 - Bilingual and ESL Education

    2460 - Special Education

    2464 - Gifted and Talented Students

    2530 - Resource Materials

    5512 - Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

    5550 - Disaffected Pupils

    5700 - Pupil Rights

    5750 - Equal Educational Opportunity

    5751 - Sexual Harassment

    5752 - Marital Status and Pregnancy

    5755 - Equity in Educational Programs and Services

    5756 - Transgender Students

    5842 - Equal Access of Pupil Organizations

    8453 - HIV/AIDS

    8465 - Hate Crimes and Bias-Related Acts

    The district recognizes that this work is ever-changing and evolving. All equity policies are revisited triennially according to policy 1523 - Comprehensive Equity Plan to ensure compliance with all federal and state equity laws and regulations.  This review also produces dialogue and conversation relating to issues of equity in education.  Adjustments and updates are subsequently made to these policies as needed.  

    Further, the Readington Township School District wishes to promote the engagement of the community.  This engagement includes our work with equity.  The district does this in various ways, but there is a specific policy and bylaw that provide for public and community comments in matters related to the district.  Policy 9130 - Public Complaints and Grievances along with Bylaw 0167 - Public Participation in Board Meetings both allow for the public to engage with the Board of Education and/or district administration.  Parents and community members are encouraged to provide thoughtful feedback on issues relating to equity or other district initiatives by adhering to these policies/bylaws.