• In 4th Grade Honors Math, we will utilize the Math Expressions (Grade 5) series and start the first few chapters of Big Ideas (Grade 6).  The Honors Math 5th Grade teacher will resume with the remaining chapters of Big Ideas (Grade 6) next year.  The Board of Education - approved curriculum document s located here.
    Math topics covered this year:
    Math Expressions (Grade 5):
    • Unit 1: Addition and Subtraction with Fractions
    • Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction with Decimals
    • Unit 3: Multiplication and Division with Fractions
    • Unit 4: Multiplication with Whole Numbers and Decimals
    • Unit 5: Division with Whole Number and Decimals
    • Unit 6: Operations and Word Problems
    • Unit 7: Algebra, Patterns, and Coordinate Graphs
    • Unit 8: Measurement  and Geometry
    Big Ideas (Grade 6)
Last Modified on January 4, 2016