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    Welcome to the Social Studies Department home page for Readington Middle School!  We hope to provide parents, students, fellow educators, and community members with helpful information about the teaching and learning in Social Studies.  Click on a specific teacher's name for further information related to specific classrooms.
    The social studies curriculum adheres to the belief that social studies education should foster, for all students, the ability to understand their world and to have an appreciation for the heritage of America with a degree of literacy in civics, history, economics, and geography.  Our curriculum leads students from an understanding of themselves and the world around them to the greater community of Readington and New Jersey and eventually, to an understanding of American traditions, democratic values, and our global society.
    6th Grade Students:  Engage in exploration of major ancient civilizations.  By analyzing the geographic themes, growth of culture, and development of societies, students will gain a deeper understanding of the commonalities and differences among ancient civilizations.  The elements of culture and the four stages of economic development serve as a lens through which investigative studies of the ancient civilizations are focused.
    7th Grade Students: Students will study the political, social, economical, geographic and technological roots of Western Civilization by examining the time period from Ancient Greece through the Enlightenment.
    8th Grade Students:  The emphasis is on United States history spanning the time period from colonial times through the Civil War.  Students will be actively involved in authentic learning experiences which require them to synthesize information learned in order to critically think, problem-solve, analyze, and evaluate contemporary, historical, and global issues.