Parent Involvement

  • There are various ways in which parents can become involved and informed in the district.  This page outlines ways in which we support parent involvement.  Please review our school calendar or relevant sections of our district website to learn more about the date and time of these opportunities.

    Superintendent Coffee Chat
    The district Superintendent offers opportunities for "coffee chats" over the course of the school year.  These are virtual meetings hosted by the Superintendent where parents and community members can come and discuss certain topics.  These meetings are very informal and parents are welcome to bring their cup of coffee during these talks.  Generally, a topic is selected before each meeting and conversation revolves around that specific topic.  However, the Superintendent leaves opportunity for conversation at large during the end of each meeting.  Guest speakers may also be part of the coffee chats.  

    Parent Academy
    Parent Academies are learning experiences for parents.  These are similar to the professional development opportunities we offer for school district staff.  These academies are held in-person.  Topics for these learning opportunities have ranged from viewing Screenagers, understanding vaping, and learning more about our mental health curriculum.  There is often opportunity for hands-on, experiential learning during these sessions. 

    Technology Committee Meetings
    Our district Technology Committee meets quarterly to discuss certain initiatives in the area of technology.  These are virtual meetings. 

    Green Committee Meetings
    Our district Green Committee meets quarterly to discuss various projects and initiatives in the area of sustainability and energy efficiency.  These are virtual meetings.  More information can be found on our Green Initiatives website.   

    Title I Parent Meetings
    Our district hosts an annual Title I parent evening.  The purpose of these meetings is to promote parent involvement in our Title I programs.  These are virtual meetings.

    ESL Parent Advisory Group
    Our district also hosts ESL parent advisory meetings.  These meetings are hosted in English and in Spanish to allow accessibility to our non-English speaking parents.  These meetings present information for our ESL parents regarding the program.  These meetings may be in-person or virtual.  More information is provided by the Pupil Services Department.

    Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG)
    Our district has partnered with parents of special needs children in the district to develop a collaborative group called SEPAG. This group welcomes any parent or member of the public with interest in special education.  These meetings are held virtually.  More information can be found on the Pupil Services website.  

    Home School Association
    The H.S.A. is a non-profit organization developed to foster effective communication between the parents and staff of the Readington Township Schools and to enhance the social and educational benefits our children receive in the school district.  The HSA conducts Business Meetings quarterly.  For more information visit the HSA website.