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The Great Kindness Challenge - Holland Brook School

HBS Crazy Hair Day

The Great Kindness Challenge -  Holland Brook School participated this week in The Great Kindness Challenge; a one-week event devoted to performing as many intentional acts of kindness as possible. The theme of Kindness Matters gives students new ways to show kindness, not only this week but always. The Great Kindness Challenge is a proactive and positive bullying prevention initiative that improves school climate and increases student engagement.  To promote school spirit the students participated in spirit theme week events.  Students are photographed showing their school spirit on Crazy Hair Day.  In the photo above (left to right) Top Row: Luke DelCorso, Reagan O’Connell, Sadie Johnston, Myia Sanz. Bottom Row: Laci Sova, Jackie Solimani, Ada Jackson, Sofia Trabilcy.  In the photo below (left to right):  Sadie Critelli and Kelly Stevens.

Crazy Hair Day





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