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Readington Welcomes New Staff

New Staff


The districts two newly appointed Literacy Coach, Mrs. Nicole Maraventano and Math Coach, Mrs. Jodi Rehrig are photographed on the first-day planning at Three Bridges School.  The district is thrilled to welcome new staff members at Readington Middle School: Jason Allen/Music Teacher; Connor Hollis/French Teacher; Brian O’Neil/Special Ed Teacher; Jennifer Barbera/Special Ed Teacher; Jeanne May/Special Ed Teacher; Catherine Way/Math Teacher; Ellen Goodfellow/School Counselor; Marissa DiBella/LA Teacher; Olivia Kashtraev/Science Teacher; Bailey Krasovec/LA Teacher; Anne Middleton/Special Ed Teacher, at Holland Brook School: Jessica Richter/Music Teacher; Rachel Brodsky/Grade 4 Teacher; at Whitehouse School: Chad Schubert/Grade 2 Teacher; Paul Smith/School Counselor; Amanda Obiedzinski/Autism Teacher; Michelle Johnson/Autism Teacher, at Three Bridges School: Krista Gras/Grade 1 Teacher; Erica Greenwald/Grade 3 Teacher; and, Rachel Tomson/Grade 1 Teacher. We’ve also added many new paraprofessionals to our support team. The school district looks forward to a rewarding year.



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