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Students Hold "Soup-er Bowl"

Souper Bowl 2017
Student Leadership advisors and a few club members display their soup collection.
Pictured above are (front row, from left) Rooney Rasare, Tyler Rodriguez,
(back row, from left) Advisor Linda Riess, Liam Petros, Alina Patel,
Ainsley Kroon, Maddie Yip, Sarah Kopacz, and Advisor Angel Longo. 

Student Leaders at Holland Brook School are donating canned soup to the Flemington Food Pantry after holding a “Soup-er Bowl” from Thursday, January 26 through Friday, February 3.  Students at the grades 4-5 school were invited to show their support for either the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons by bringing in a can of soup and placing it on either team’s table to cast their vote.  The students predicted the Falcons would triumph with 182 cans of soup, with the Patriots receiving 68.  The real winner is the Flemington Food Pantry, who scored 250 cans of soup!