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Spo. Marelli Shares Language Arts Lesson

 Spo. Marelli

Students in Janet Howard’s and Mary Fuch’s Language Arts class at Readington Middle School received a firsthand lesson in police report writing on January 26.  Spo. Robert Marelli of the Readington Police Department was spotted in the hallway conducting his usual walkthrough of the building while coincidentally the students were writing police reports as part of their argument writing unit.  Mrs. Howard invited the officer into the classroom to share his police reporting experience.

In the above photo, Officer Marelli is dictating an actual incident in which he was involved to seventh grader Andrew Bennett.  The officer also taught the students some new vocabulary words, for example “undersigned”, “slated” and “complied”. 

The argument writing unit is part of the Language Arts curriculum.  Students introduce a claim about a topic or issue; support the claim with logical reasoning, data and evidence; use words, phrases and clauses to clarify the relationships among the claim, counterclaim, reasons, and evidence; and provide a concluding statement that supports the argument presented.