• Below is a list of the titles we currently have from the Great Illustrated Classics series.  Be the first to read them all!

    Title Author Like :-) Dislike :-(
      The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain    
      The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe    
      The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle    
      The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain    
      Aesop's Fables Aesop    
      Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll    
      Around the World in 80 Days Jules Verne    
      Beauty & the Beast and other stories      
      Black Beauty Anna Sewell    
      Bleak House Charles Dickens    
      The Call of the Wild Jack London    
      A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens    
      Cinderella & Other Stories      
      The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas    
      Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson    
      Dracula Bram Stoker    
      Frankenstein Mary Shelley    
      Great Expectations Charles Dickens    
      Grimm's Fairy Tales Brothers Grimm    
      Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift    
      Hans Brinker Mary Mapes Dodge    
      The House of the Seven Gables Nathaniel Hawthorne    
      The Hunchback of Notre Dame Victor Hugo    
      The Invisible Man H.G. Wells    
      Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte    
      A Journey to the Center of the Earth Jules Verne    
      The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling    
      Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson    
      King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table      
      King Solomon's Mines H. Rider Haggard    
      The Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper    
      The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and Rip Van Winkle Washington Irving    
      The Little Mermaid & other stories Hans Christian Anderson    
      A Little Princess Frances Hodgson Burnett    
      Little Women Louisa May Alcott    
      The Man in the Iron Mask Alexandre Dumas    
      The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood      
      Moby Dick Herman Melville    
      The Mutiny on Board the HMS Bounty William Bligh    
      Oliver Twist Charles Dickens    
      The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde    
      Pollyanna Elenor Porter    
      Pride & Prejudice Jane Austen    
      The Prince and the Pauper Mark Twain    
      Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Kate Wiggin    
      The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane    
      The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett    
      Sherlock Holmes & the Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Arthur Conan Doyle    
      Sleeping Beauty & other stories      
      Snow White & other stories      
      The Swiss Family Robinson Johann Wyss    
      A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens    
      The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas    
      The Time Machine H.G. Wells    
      Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson    
      The War of the Worlds H.G. Wells    
      White Fang Jack London    
      The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame    
      The Wizard of Oz Frank L. Baum