• TechRequests
    As of 9/10/2007 the Readington Township Public Schools will be moving to a technical support ticket request system provided by schooldude.com.

    The system is accessible via:

    Submittal Password:

    • Submittal Password is only available to internal users.

    Benefits of the New System:

    For the first time Readington Township Public Schools has moved to a ticket request system to increase efficiency. Benefits of this system include:

    • User ticket confirmation - After submitting a ticket you will receive a notification, as well as subsequent notifications as the status of your request is updated.
    • Submittal Forms - The TechRequest system stores your contact information and automatically adds it to the support ticket. It also provides predefined fields to help the user describe their support need.
    • Online Access - The new ticketing system is accessible from anywhere.
    • Request Routing - Requests are routed throughout the department to the technician(s) who can best meet your request needs.
    • Internal Tracking - Problems will now be fully documented and tracked to allow greater efficiency in the future.

    Assistive Documentation:

    The documents below are meant to assist in providing more information in your TechRequest tickets. The more information you can provide, the quicker we can repair systems that are not functioning correctly.

    The following documents are provided in .pdf format.

    • Providing Your Computer Name In TechRequests
      • By providing your computer name in techrequests, you allow the department the opportunity to connect remotely to your computer, providing faster, more efficient support and less downtime. Please review this document for information on finding your computer's network name and adding it to your request.
    • Providing Your Service Tag in TechRequests
      • Providing your service tag allows the technology department to submit warranty related support information directly to the computer manufacturer without having to come out and look at your system. This will allow less downtime and a faster turn around on systems that are no longer functioning correctly.